Saturday, November 25, 2017

Echoes at Kathryn Markel in NYC

"Porch Lights On", oil, ink, acrylic and spray paint on linen, 36 x 70 inches, 2017
 I'm thrilled to be included in a group exhibition opening at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts this week! "Echoes" will open with a reception (on my birthday!) Thursday, November 30.  The work of Peter Hoffer, Sarah Irvin, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Ryan Sarah Murphy, and myself will be on view through December 23, 2017.

Curators Alyssa Alexander and Celeste Kaufman say "the works collected in this group show are echoes both in process and concept.  Their origins are transformed and concealed.  The resulting pieces appear to be their own entities, but still contain whispers of how they began.  There is a loss of form, color, or imagery, but that does not detract from what remains. These artists are also investigating the loss of places, time, objects, and concepts as they create so that the work itself becomes an homage, an echo, to these distant sources."

This is my first exhibition in New York and I'm excited its with a gallery that has long been a proponent of women in the arts. The Guerrilla Girls mentioned Kathryn Markel in this piece at the Whitney Museum this year! Way to go!!!!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Candyland at CSU Galleries and other updates

"Night Walls" oil, acrylic, ink and spray paint on linen, 62 x 80 inches, 2017
Its been a weird year.  Amidst all the political turmoil and social unrest, I'm making an attempt to calm my mind by learning to meditate and practicing gratitude for all the good people and things that surround me.  In that vein, I've made a new body of work based off photographic images of my daily life. Mirroring the stress of the times, the paintings hum and fizz as they confront challenges of parenthood and personal addiction. A solo exhibition titled "Candyland" will begin with an opening at The Galleries at CSU, Friday, October 27 - artist talk at 4pm, reception from 5 - 8pm. The work will be on view through December 9, 2017. I hope to see you there!

In other news, the Texas Contemporary art fair has been postponed until next year due to the devastation of hurricane Harvey. Red Arrow Gallery is looking forward to attending in 2018.  We wish all our friends and family in Houston, Tampa, and Miami ease and good health. Our hearts are with you. If you want to help, The American Red Cross makes it easy to donate.

Lastly, I'm excited to have been selected by the editorial team for the Autumn Anniversary Issue of ArtMaze Magazine out of the UK. Looking forward to seeing that bad boy.

Thank you and happy fall everyone!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Colors Lines Layers at CASS Contemporary & Candyland at CSU Galleries

I'm flying to Tampa this Friday to attend the opening reception of a group exhibition at CASS Contemporary.  I'm happy to be included with a great group of artists including James Marshall (Dalek) and Mikael Bandrup.

I'm also happy to be making new work for Red Arrow Gallery's booth at Texas Contemporary this October 19 - 22.

Lastly, for all my Cleveland peeps, "Candyland", a solo exhibition of new work at CSU Galleries, opens Friday, October 27 from 4 - 8pm. I hope to see you there! Exhibition runs through December 9, 2017.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Zg Gallery Group Exhibition, Duane Reed Gallery Solo Show and Art Palm Beach

Happy New Year everyone! I'll be traveling to Chicago in a few days for the opening of a group exhibition titled "Para-Natural World" at Zg Gallery. Miss Amy Casey has work in it too and we've decided to make a ladies trip to the windy city! We've heard that many of the artist will be coming into town so visit and chat with us all at the gallery opening Friday, January 6 from 5:30-7:30pm!

I'm pleased to be exhibiting with Duane Reed Gallery from February 10 - March 18, 2017! I'll be visiting St. Louis for the first time if you're in the area and want to say hello. The opening is Friday February 10 from 6-8pm. The gallery folks are also taking some of the pieces that are slated to be in this show to Art Palm Beach, January 18 - 22. Fingers crossed for a successful fair.

I hope this year finds you and your loved ones happy and in good health. May we prosper in 2017!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Sugar" new work at Red Arrow Gallery, Nashville
A new body of work will be on view at Red Arrow Gallery in Nashville, TN, from September 10 through October 2, 2016. "Sugar" opens with a reception Saturday, September 10 from 6-9pm. The exhibition is comprised of 14 paintings and 3 mono-prints. Some paintings are on panel and some are on linen including a large diptych titled "White Elephant" measuring 74 x 120 inches. Christi Birchfield and I made some oil based ink screen prints at Ink House this past summer and three of those seven will be framed and on view.

Nashville Arts Magazine featured "Bra 2" on the cover of their September Issue!  They also printed some additional pictures to accompany a great article about the show by Cat Acree. Check it out here.

I'm happy to be flying to Nashville for the opening and I'll be staying for the weekend.  I'm hoping to catch some live music and BBQ during my stay. Stop by the gallery to say hello if you find yourself in Nashville Saturday, September 10th!

Friday, May 6, 2016

"Sweet, Sweet, Sweet" at Zg Gallery, Chicago
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet: New Paintings
May 5 - July 2, 2016
Artist Reception: Friday, June 3 from 5:30-7:30pm
Zg Gallery, Chicago

I'm over the moon to be working with the lovely Meg and Myra at Zg Gallery in Chicago, IL. Our exhibition "Sweet, Sweet, Sweet: New Paintings" is on view now through July 2.  This is my first exhibition in Chicago and I'll be flying into town for a reception on Friday, June 3, if anyone can join us in celebrating! Hope to see you soon, Happy Spring!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter Commission 2 of 2 - a work in progress... complete!

The second commission was through one of my fantastic California dealers, Daniel Fine Art, for the world renown, MGM Resorts International, and their Aria Hotel and Casino Sky Suites Lounge.  This is my second commission for the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The first was completed in 2013 when I was 7 months pregnant! I'm sure glad it went well because it provided the opportunity to make the largest paintings I have every made.  Reflexive 1 and 2 measure 126 x 141 inches (that's roughly 10 1/2 x 12 feet) for each stretched canvas.  You can see the intricate lattice of the fine mechanical stretcher bars that I purchased through John Annesley Company.  I highly recommend them!! Here is a time-laps video of me, my husband, and two of my sister-in-laws, Leah and Elizabeth, stretching one of the massive panels:

My husband and I (but mostly my amazing husband) built a 16w x 18d x 14h foot visquine cube, complete with a roof, in my Mother and Father-in-law's heated garage in October 2015.  I began priming and painting immediately after we stretched the canvases.  Here is a shot of the first layer of paint applied with an 18 inch roller and extender rod:
Three days a week, after the 20 minute drive to get my son to school, I would drive over an hour to Chardon to work on the paintings.  My Mom and Stepdad helped out by watching Arlo after school so I could get in about 4-6 hours per day. Some days Arlo came with me to Chardon and my Mother-in-law and sisters-in-law would watch him.  Here are some shots Randall took of me working on the paintings in January:

Because the paintings were so big, and the cube was a little tight, I had to take photos of the paintings with my phone and look at the digital image on my hand held device in order get enough space between myself and the canvas. The process greatly aided the development of the paintings.  I edited and stitched all the reference photos off my phone to make this time-laps progress video turned GIF:

Its been a long process; about two months of planning, building and ordering, and four months of painting. I am so thankful for my family and all the help they provided so that this project would be possible. I just finished the paintings last Saturday, February 13.  Aaaaaaannnnnnnd we have approval!  Wooohooooo!!! Next step is applying a clear sealer coat, mapping the back of the canvas for re-stretching, taking them apart, and rolling them up to ship to California... phew! Here is an image of the final product:
 It's cocktail time! Cheers folks!!!